Job opening in Bulgaria: Sofia Municipality wants air quality person

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On Saturday morning, the air in Sofia could not have been better. The Particulate Matter concentration was as low as it should be: 15µg/m³ in most areas. That kind of concentration is under the value the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends for healthy breathing air.

There were elevated concentrations of Particulate Matter in two quarters of the Bulgarian capital only: In Orlandovtsi, there were 62µg/m³, an unhealthy value, and in the eastern part of Vrazhdebna the concentration was 80µg/m³.

Other than that, all squares on were green at 7.45am, thanks to some wind and above average temperatures. The problem is that the situation will not stay this way.

Sofia Municipality has been under pressure from NGOs and the EU Commission for years, because of the air quality in the capital with 1.3 million inhabitants.

Mayor Yordanka Fandukova is employing an air quality person. 

Last month that pressure increased substantially, when Particulate Matter levels were up to 28 times higher than they should have been on three occasions, for several days at a time.

After taking some halfhearted steps, the Municipality obviously came to the conclusion that it would be wise to employ someone who will deal with the issue of the air quality.

In order to make the whole thing sound attractive, they picked a nice job title: Director of the Climate, Energy and Air Directorate. This sounds a lot better than “Person to Blame for Terrible Air”.

Sofia Municipality wants to employ someone for that position quickly. Whoever they hire will deal with the air quality as well as “climate and energy related issues”. Candidates may send in their applications and CVs until the end of this coming week.

That job will hopefully be paid very well. Because the new Director of the new Climate, Energy and Air Directorate will likely be one of the most hated individuals in Sofia.





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