Bulgaria: Protests against extension of skiing resort are fading

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For the 6th time in recent weeks, protesters took to the streets in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia on Thursday. But this time only 300 to 400 people took part in the demonstration.

The protesters blocked the intersection of Boulevard Dondukov and Raikovski Street, while some 30 police officers were watching. Since there was hardly any traffic at about 9pm, the blocking was not too effective.

Once the police asked the participants to keep on walking, they moved towards the very centre of the city.

In January, far more protesters had taken part in several rallies and protests. They fear Pirin National Park might be plastered with new hotels, while the government kept on saying, only a second ski lift for the Bansko resort would be constructed in the “buffer zone” between the resort and the park.

To many participants, the protests were more than just about the skiing resort and the park. They demanded a resignation of ministers and an end to corruption.

In order to calm things down, Prime Minister Boiko Borissov had assured Bulgarians his government’s position on Pirin was “very clear, very precise and very green”.

It is unclear whether last night’s protest was the end of the series of demonstrations against construction in Pirin, or if more participants might join again next time.

Photo by Imanuel Marcus.




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