‘Lord of the Dance’ to hit stages in Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania

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What is the definition of success? It’s “Lord of the Dance”, an Irish musical sensation created by Michael Flatley, who is a dancer himself and kept on entering the stage with the cast. By now he is basically sticking to the producer and director role.

“Lord of the Dance”, which incorporates Irish Folk music, Irish dances and Pop, premiered in Dublin in the summer 1996. At that time, the DVD of the same title was produced as well. In 1997, the musical literally exploded. The show was being performed all over the world. Several separate casts, who performed simultaneously, made it possible.

In 1998, “Lord of the Dance”, the truly successful musical, set one of its records: It had a run of 21 consecutive shows at Wembley Arena in London. Try to beat that. Some have tried, but failed. That record has not been broken again since.

“Lord of the Dance” does have a plot. He fights an evil dark lord, defeats an invasion, falls in love, and what not. The story follows both ancient Irish themes and the Bible. It also follows its successes by touring all over the planet. If there was a quick way of transporting the entire cast to Jupiter, they would do so as well.

It’s “Lord of the Daaaaance”!

From its premiere to 2007, there was a new international tour every single year. Michael Flatley kept on changing his creation. In one case, he put the casts of several parallel productions on a huge stage. Today, “Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games” is the latest version.

Let’s now come to the sentence everyone must have been dying to read in this Pulitzer Prize-worthy article: “Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games” is coming to Belgrade (Serbia), Skopje (Macedonia), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Bucharest (Romania) in April of 2018. Yes, it’s a fact. The entire Balkan peninsula will be covered.

The spectacle will invade Sava Center in Belgrade on April 10 at 8pm, Arena Boris Traycovsky in Skopje on April 11 at 8pm, hall no. 1 at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia on April 12 at 8pm, and finally Sala Palatului in Bucharest on April 13 at 8pm. Tickets for Sofia are available here, for 35 to 110 leva.

Now to the big question: How do they manage to get their 40 performers, along with their huge crew and stage set, from A to B to C and to D that fast? No clue. Probably by using clones and holograms. By the time the audience is applauding at location A, the cast is already dancing at location B, while the catering is being prepared at locations C to Z.

Yes, the four dates mentioned are only a fraction of a giant tour with 200 dates. All dates can be checked here, on the “Lord of the Dance” website. Wow! I need a valium.

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