Bulgaria: Measures against Sofia air pollution ineffective

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So far, the measures taken by Sofia Municipality to combat the dangerous breathing air in the city has not changed anything. The air in the Bulgarian capital was so thick today, it could almost be cut with a knife.

The concentration of Particulate Matter (PM) in the air the 1.3 million Sofia inhabitants breathe, including babies, toddlers and children, causes lung and heart disease and cancer. In the past two days, the PM concentration has exceeded healthy levels by far.

In Sofia’s Vrazhdeba quarter, the worst value was measured this morning. The concentration of PM10 was 1259µg/m³, or about 25 times the level which would be considered sort of healthy. By now, the concentration in the same area is still fout times higher than it should be.

At 3pm, vitually all Sofia measuring stations by AirBG.info collected extremely high PM values. The Lagera quarter had more than seven times the allowed concentration, or 360µg/m³, the Ivan Vazov quarter six times, and Losenets 8 times.

All of Sofia is under a huge Particulate Matter cloud. It is unclear when winds will come up and blow the poison away from the hundreds of thousands who are trying to breathe.

Sofia Municipality just spread halfhearted calls to the residents, saying they should refrain from driving if possible and not heat their homes with solid fuels.

The Center for Urban Mobility in Sofia announced today, it will offer “Green Tickets”, for 1 lev (0.51 euro) on days with a lot of air pollution. Those tickets will supposedly be valid for one full day and the entire public transport system in Sofia.

Experts believe this can only be one of many measures, which should generally be far more radical, and which should be implemented right now.

In the meantime, 1.3 million people in Sofia will have to continue breathing air which is absolutely toxic.





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