Bulgaria’s EU Presidency Minister Pavlova: ‘We are the poorest’

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The Bulgarian Minister for the Presidency of the EU Council, Liliana Pavlova, will not have that much time to celebrate her 41st birthday on January 6 2018, since everyone wants her in front of cameras. But the fact that the preparations for Bulgaria’s EU Council Presidency are done, does help a little.

Pavlova, an experienced politician and economist with a doctor’s degree, can not do everything herself. If she did, the English version of a video about Bulgaria, which was made for the EU Presidency, would have been announced and presented on the English version of Bulgarian EU Presidency’s website on time.

If she had the time to deal with every detail personally, another video, about prominent Bulgarians, which is supposed to introduce the Bulgarian people to Europe, would be ready by now. Yesterday she had to say she hoped that film could be released “in the next few weeks.”

Liliana Pavlova is everywhere these days. When she does not present Bulgarian versions of multilingual videos, VIP gifts or new conference rooms at the National Palace of Culture, she is busy with preparation talks behind the scenes. And when she does not attend those, she is on TV.

On Bulgarian National Television (BNT), Minister Liliana Pavlova reiterated on Friday that Bulgaria was fully ready for the European Council Presidency: “We can say so with seriousness and responsibility.” The country would cope with this big endeavour, she stated.

Minister Pavlova: “The Presidency is a chance to prove ourselves as a worthy partner.”

Addressing heretics, mostly in the Bulgarian opposition, she said the self-discrediting of the governance could have a detrimental effect on Bulgaria’s long-term image and should stop. “The Presidency is a chance to prove ourselves as a worthy partner”, Pavlova believes.

“The most important thing is that the Balkan states should stop saying ‘Greater Bulgaria’ or ‘Greater Serbia’. We must stop being great. We are the poorest. Everyone feels great, but finally, as a region, we are not.”

Liliana Pavlova admitted there were many issues to be worked on, but the Presidency had four top priorities. She meant the following four ones: Young Europeans, security and stability in Europe, the Western Balkans, and the digital economy.

On BNT, Liliana Pavlova identified another priority, which according to her will not be finally decided during the six months Bulgaria is running the show, which is the future of Europe, along with the next budget. “It is our responsibility to give it direction”, she said. Also it was important not to build walls in Europe.

Pavlova told BNT: “If we want peace, stability and economic development, this is going through the integration of the Balkans. The theme for the Western Balkans is being seen as significant and irreversible in the forthcoming presidencies.”

Regarding Bulgaria’s poverty, the Minister said this was a label which could change. “Bulgaria has exceptionally good economic indicators.”

Photos: Minister Pavlova’s social media pages.


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