Bulgaria to showcase its ‘Flavour of the Sun’ in Berlin

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The “Internationale Grüne Woche” or International Green Week (IGW) in Berlin is about as green as the middle colour in the flag of the Republic of Bulgaria. This fair is the most important exhibition of the food, agriculture and gardening industries in Europe.

In 1926, the first IGW took place. From the start, it was so popular that it lasted until today. The 83rd International Green Week will commence in about two weeks from now. And it does have a partner country which starts with a “B”. No, it’s not Belgium, Belarus, Bosnia, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil or Benin, but Bulgaria.

This Eastern European country, which just took over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, has a lot to show. Under the slogan “Aroma der Sonne” (or “Flavour of the Sun”), almost 40 exhibitors will introduce Bulgarian products.

Lots of organic milk products will be showcased, as well as organic honey, organic juices, organic tea, organic fruit, organic vegetables and organic meat products. Especially in Western European countries like Germany, so-called bio food products like these have a huge market. Germans love to spend more money for agricultural products of high quality.

Lars Jäger (IGW) with Bulgaria’s Agriculture Minister Porozhanov.

The “Green Week” partner country Bulgaria will even bring rose oil, since it is the world’s largest producer. In Bulgaria, rose oil is actually the basis for many products. There is rose oil shampoo, rose oil marmelade and there are even anti-cough pills on the basis of that product.

What vegetables are concerned, Bulgaria produces better products than many in the West. In German supermarkets, many kinds of tomatoes disintegrate when customers just look at them. In Bulgaria, on the other hand, tomatoes and other veggies are so firm they need to be slices with chain saws. Of course that is a slight exaggeration. But vegetables from Bulgaria do taste real, and they are fresh.

Bulgarian Shopska Salad is about as popular as Greek Farmer’s salad, for good reasons. First of all they usually contain those same good vegetables. Secondly, Bulgarian (or Greek) feta cheese is involved. There might me tens of hundreds of kinds of what Bulgarians call “Sirene”. All of them are delicious.

What yellow cheese is concerned, the usual supermarket products do not appeal to most Westerners since they are sour and bitter. The same applies to Butter made in Bulgaria. But there are cheeseries which do deliver products Germans or other Western Europeans will love.

In Bulgaria, one word says it all: Yogurt. The lactobacillus bulgaricus contributes to its fine taste. It is also very healthy. Nobody beats Bulgarian yogurt.

Bulgarian salad is the best. Period.

Yes, sure, the Bulgarian exhibitors at the “Green Week” will bring Lyutenitsa as well, that delicious tomato sauce nobody else produces. It tastes great on salad, rice, pasta or basically anything.

Let’s not even mention Bulgarian wine, which will be showcased in Berlin too. The sun above Bulgaria makes sure the grapes growing along the Black Sea coast are nice indeed. Wineries in the country’s wine regions are very experienced and do offer wonderful wines, according to wine drinkers and experts.

At that fair in Berlin, the “Grüne Woche”, which takes place from January 19 to 28, 2018, Bulgaria will have its own hall for all the products its exhibitors will bring along.

On top of it all, a parallel political event will bring together countless Ministers of Agriculture, including Bulgaria’s Roumen Porozhanov. This time, he will have a lot to show to his colleagues.

Photos by IGW.


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