Lufthansa flight makes emergency landing in Bulgaria

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A Lufthansa flight from Tel Aviv to Munich was forced to make an emergency landing at Sofia Airport in Bulgaria on Tuesday night, due to the smell of smoke in the cabin.

The Airbus landed safely, Israeli media reported. Afterwards, the passengers and crew were evacuated from the plane.

Technicians started checking the aircraft. Lufthansa Technik, an affiliate of Lufthansa, has a huge service hangar at Sofia Airport.

The passengers had to spend the night in Sofia. Accommodations were provided by Lufthansa. The airline apologised to them and said safety was its top priority.

Today, on Wednesday morning, the passengers will board another flight to Munich. Since Lufthansa does not provide any regular Sofia – Munich flight today, the German airline might send another plane to pick them up.

On airplanes, the smell of smoke has been the first sign of catastrophes which took the lives of many.

One example is Swissair flight no. 111, which crashed in Nova Scotia (Canada) on September 2, 1998. Back then, 229 people lost their lives when the plane fell into the Atlantic Ocean at high speed, while the pilots were trying to dump kerosene. Experts believe that crash could have been prevented, had the pilots landed in Halifax immediately after noticing the smell of smoke in the cockpit.

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