Bulgarians enjoy spring day on Christmas Day

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Some seven million natives and thousands of expatriates experienced something like a spring day on Christmas Day in Bulgaria.

In Plovdiv, temperatures actually hit 19 degrees Centigrade. Since t-shirt weather was suddenly back, this seemed more like Easter than Christmas. At the Black Sea coast, up to 15 degrees were measured, and 20 degrees in Vidin.

Quite a few people enjoyed the sun Sofia’s City Garden.

Sofia wasn’t quite as warm, but those 15 degrees were still good enough for nice Christmas walks. Even though many residents had left the Bulgarian capital before Christmas, there was a lot of life in the city’s parks. Small children were back on the playgrounds.

In the city centre, window shopping seemed to be the most popular activity. At a “Happy” restaurant, across the street from Sveta Nedelya Church, waitresses were quite busy serving steaks, Sushi and beer to countless customers.

Even the famous city drummer was out there, beating his set.

A few blocks further down, hundreds of people entered the Mall of Sofia, possibly for last minute Christmas presents. Some faces looked tired, as if they really needed this vacation, which will last until Wednesday for employees, and until January 3 for school kids.

According to weather forecasts, it will cool down only a little in the coming days. White Christmas is definitely off the table, this time around.

Photo by Imanuel Marcus.


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