Most read articles in 2017: Nudists, treasures and potholes

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It wasn’t the packaging of a Twix chocolate bar they found at a recently-discovered necropolis near Plovdiv’s Small Basilica, but rather well-preserved glass bracelets dating back to the the 11th to the 14th centuries. The Sofia Globe’s archaeology articles, including this one, are usually very popular. This also applies to the piece about an ancient gold necklace found at Bulgaria’s Heraclea Sintica site.

Of course reports about Code Red dangerous weather alerts in Bulgaria were among the most read too. More than once, the authorities had to warn inhabitants. In January it was about a whole lot of snow along with temperatures of -25 degrees. In July, when it was 65 degrees warmer than that, the scorching heat posed dangers.

The Sofia Globe also learned that nudity is quite popular, which was hardly surprising. Our story about nudists fighting for their rights was obviously hot as well, in every sense of the word. Prudery versus skinny dipping? What an interesting controversy.

Another article, this time about sex, has been among the post read since 2012, when it was written. It is entitled “Everything you always wanted to know about sex and Bulgarians, but…oh, never mind”.

On July 28, Lufthansa came up with wonderful news. “Passenger no. 192: The Bulgarian who was born above the clouds” is the title of our article which was read thousands of times as well. What a cute baby.

Naturally, new rules on applications for permanent residence by foreigners in Bulgaria were a popular read, since many of our readers are expatriates. So were articles about serious incidents involving aircraft.

“Sofia, Bulgaria: The New Tourist Magnet” was just one of many popular tourism articles. So was the one entitled “In Bulgaria: The city that does not exist”, released just before Christmas.

And there were satire articles which hit the big one, including our “National Pothole Competition” piece and the Fool’s Day article “Bold project in Sofia: NDK to be knocked down and replaced”.

Whatever you were interested in: We thank you for reading The Sofia Globe in 2017 and hope you will be back in 2018.

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