Short circuit stops public transport in parts of Sofia

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An electrical short in the antiquated electric grid of the electricity provider ČEZ stopped many tram and trolley lines in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia on Friday afternoon.

Just as tens of thousands of inhabitants wanted to go for last minute shopping sprees just before Christmas, tram lines 1, 6 and 7 came to a halt. The same applied to all trolley buses on lines 1, 2, 5, 8 and 9. In addition, all public transport around Sofia’s large “Five Corners” intersection was affected.

The short circuit led to fires in two of ČEZ’s substations.

But an even bigger problem arose on the streets of the capital. Apart from the fact that a substantial part of Sofia’s public transport system was idle, trams and trolleys stuck on intersections caused horrible traffic jams.

Most Sofia trams are rather old.

Boulevard Czar Boris III and Boulevard Bulgaria were affected as well.

The Urban Mobility Center sent all available Diesel buses into the city, many of which got stuck in traffic jams as well, while spreading Diesel clouds into the toxic Sofia air.

Bulgarian National Television reported, the issue was resolved at 4:30pm local time. It had also led to yet another power outage for many Sofia residents.

In Sofia and other parts of Bulgaria, power cuts are nothing new. In certain areas they happen all the time, sometimes twice per day.

Yesterday, the hot water supply for thousands of Sofia residents was also interrupted, leaving several quarters without heating for around 24 hours. The same had happened only days before.

In Sofia, the next out(r)age is always around the corner.

Photos by Imanuel Marcus.


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