Bulgaria: Food Safety Agency to check food stores around Christmas

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The civil servants of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency are the true Santa Clauses. That is because they will be busy checking food stores before, during and after Christmas, doing an important job. They might not be travelling on sleighs pulled by reindeer, and their beards might be shorter. Other than that, there is hardly any difference.

Supermarkets will be checked by the agency. So will convenient stores, hypermarkets, open air markets and any other places were food is being sold to 7 million Bulgarians, and thousands of tourists and expatriates in Bulgaria.

Food safety is related to all food available. But the agency will mainly check perishable food, such as milk products, eggs, and mainly meat. The agents on site will look at pork, chicken, beef, lamb and anything they find. The packaging, labels and expiry dates will be examined.

Food safety inspectors are the actual Santa Clauses. Photo by Imanuel Marcus.

Since there have been cases in which old meat was labelled as new meat, the inspectors will also open packages, in order to actually test their content.

Especially on December 25, Bulgarians eat truckloads of pork. They eat as if there were no tomorrow. Sure, so do people in most other predominantly Christian nations. Safety is what the consumers deserve. And it is what they are getting.

Sales ladies interviewed by Bulgarian National Television in Sofia supermarkets said they did not mind having their meat inspected since they had nothing to conceal.

The inspections are going on right now. And they will continue during and after Christmas.


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