Vilian Stefanov’s unfiltered view of Bulgaria

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Vilan Stefanov is an adventurer from Sofia, who has also become an excellent photographer and author of a book in Bulgarian, in which he describes his adventurous hiking trips.

In August of 2016, he walked through Bulgaria from south to north, carrying an inflatable kayak. In 25 days, he covered 450 kilometres and brought home sights of Bulgaria hardly anyone had seen so far, in the form of photos.

A year ago, in December of last year, he took his next big adventure trip, by crossing Bulgaria from east to west, on train tracks. He ended up walking 650 kilometres, during which he was close to giving up, due to a foot injury. But he made it, from Kalotina to Varna.

Someone wants to relax a little. Photo by Vilian Stefanov.

This year, in 2017, he took some interesting hikes as well, while starting to plan his next big endeavour. His intention is to walk around the world soon.

Now, Vilian Stefanov posted truly stunning photos of Bulgaria, which he took during his adventures. His best 2017 photos can be seen on his Facebook page.

What a pretty animal. Photo by Vilian Stefanov.

Those pictures provide an unfiltered view of the “real Bulgaria”. They include villages in the middle of nowhere and some of their inhabitants. Also, Stefanov took stunning photographs of animals, both domesticated and wild ones.

His shot of a fox longing for a cookie is just as brilliant as the portrait shots he took of villagers whose work-intensive lives left marks in their faces. In addition, Bulgaria’s beautiful countryside is a subject of Vilian Stefanov’s photography.

His best 2017 photos can be seen here.


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