Borissov and Barnier: Rights for Bulgarians in the UK guaranteed

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Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and the European Union’s Chief Negotiator for questions related to Brexit, Michel Barnier, held a press conference in Sofia on Tuesday, after talking behind closed doors.

To Borissov, the most important aspect on the agenda consisted of the rights for Bulgarian citizens living in the United Kingdom. Both Barnier and Borissov reaffirmed that those would be guaranteed once the United Kingdom does not belong to the EU anymore.

Twelve days before taking over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, Borissov also said the respective agreement with the UK needed to become a treaty during the next six months.

Borissov stated, once the “divorce” between the EU and the UK was underway, more conditions needed to be discussed. At this stage, this was not possible, since the parameters for Brexit itself were not yet known.

At the Council of Ministers, Michel Barnier said the treaty envisaged would include the right to use social services in Britain, as well as family reunification. This would apply to Bulgarians and citizens of other nations living in the United Kingdom. Barnier stated, these rights would be “guaranteed for life”.

On the other hand, Britons living in Bulgaria will have similar rights, according to Barnier.

Thousands of Britons, including many pensioners, live all over the country, in cities and villages.

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