Bulgaria: Over 5,000 new police officers sought

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The Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior is urgently looking for more than 5,000 new law enforcement officers. At this stage, there is a shortage, because many officers have retired. Others got new positions or moved to other departments, Bulgarian National Television (BNT) reported.

Within the Bulgarian police, there are several paths new officers can take, depending on their applicability. In Sofia, 306 patrol officers are needed, 50 operatives and 15 investigators. Many more police positions in all parts of the country, a total of 10 percent of all police jobs in Bulgaria, need to be filled.

The requirements for applicants are the following:

> Bulgarian citizen

> No previous convictions

> No pending accusations

> Physically fit

> Mentally fit

> Up to 40 years of age

> Mentally balanced

> Motivated

It is unclear where the motivation is supposed to derive from, since the salaries offered are not designed to enthuse anyone. Becoming a police officer might be honourable, but definitely not lucrative.

Police officers in Bulgaria earn between 700 leva (358 euro) and 1,000 leva (511 euro) per month. Applicants with a certain education level, such as former law students, can earn “more than 1,000 leva”, whatever that might mean.

Before the call of duty resonates, new hires will of course be trained. Approved candidates for the Bulgarian police will undergo special courses at the Academy of the Ministry of the Interior in Sofia, or at training centres.

The most ambitious applicants can even join the “Specialized Police Force Division”, an elite unit. Their job is to step in during “mass riots” or other critical situations and to guard sports events.

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