Year in Review 2017: Bulgaria in June

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It is June 2. On Nova Television, the politician Vesselin Mareshki tries to defend a statement of his, which is viewed as inappropriate and homophobic by some and has therefore lead to outrage. In Parliament, Mareshki, the chairman of the Volya party, had demanded “the declaration also of homosexual conflicts of interest, and those, related to the use of alcohol and drug abuse” from his fellow MPs.

On Nova TV, Vesselin Mareshki tries to defend a comment he made in Parliament.

Outside the Parliament building, Sofia is becoming one huge construction site in the summer of 2017. Those include the renovation of several important boulevards, including Boulevard Brussels, Boulevard Bulgaria, Boulevard Dondukov, Boulevard Montevideo, Boulevard Todor Kableshkov and Boulevard Patriarch Ephtimi. And there is a lot more. Movement in Sofia is limited.

Sofia’s Mayor Fandakova is busy with construction projects.

On June 4, as many as ten refugees die in an accident on Trakiya Motorway. The asylum seekers were driven by a youngster without drivers license, who was part of a gang of traffickers. This terrible incident is not the only case in which refugees lose their lives in Bulgaria.

On June 7, Prime Minister Boiko Borissov visits Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin. The two heads of government decide to join forces while helping the Western Balkans. That approach will be continued during the months leading up to Bulgaria’s first shot at the EU Presidency.

Borissov and Merkel seem to be getting along quite well. Photo by BNT.

Later in June, the European Commission approves 86.6 million euro for an extension of the third Metro line, which is being built in Sofia.

On June 10, the Sofia Pride Parade takes place. As usual, not a single Bulgarian government or city official shows support for Bulgaria’s LGBT community. PM Borissov and Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova try very hard to seem busy otherwise while ignoring the parade, by inspecting the metro construction instead. This is something they could have done on any of the other 364 days the year has. But a total of 18 foreign embassies do show support. Homophobia is still an issue, in the Bulgaria of 2017

While the discussion about a fighter jet acquisition continues throughout June, schoolkids start their long summer holiday. Scorching heat takes Bulgaria under its grip. The summer of 2017 will turn out to be almost as extreme as last the winter. Dangerous weather alerts keep on popping up from June 29.

Presidents Roumen Radev and Klaus Iohannis meet in Bucharest.

In the meantime, the Presidents of Bulgaria and Romania, Radev and Iohannis talk about opportunities for closer ties between the two countries, both of which will take over the EU Presidency soon.

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