Bulgaria: Registrations of new cars skyrocket

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The European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) is happy. Within the European Union, registrations of new passenger cars jumped by 5.9 percent in November, compared to the registrations during the same month last year.

From November 1 to November 30, 2017, a total of 1,216,702 new vehicles of this kind were registered. But the ACEA admits the increase has to do with the fact that this year the month of November had one more working day.

To the automobile industry, the five main markets are the most interesting ones. Four of those did very well. In November, the increase recorded in Spain was 12.4 percent, in France 10.3, Germany 9.4 and Italy 6.8 percent.

The bad news is that the market in the United Kingdom took more than just a fender bender. That decline of 11.2 percent in November is more like a head-on collision.

What happened in Bulgaria last month, is what the industry might want a call a huge success. The increase regarding new passenger car registrations pretty much exceeded everything ever registered since the invention of the wheel: 55.4 percent.

In this small country on the south-eastern edge of Europe, a total of 3,082 new cars were registered in November, compared to 1,983 a year ago. For the period from January to November of 2017, Bulgaria recorded a growth of 23.5 percent.

There is only one country where the numbers were even a tiny bit better: Lithuania left a lot of rubber on the asphalt.




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