New Year’s Eve 2017: Sofia Municipality to throw big party

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If there is anything Sofia Municipality will not do on New Year’s Eve, it is disappointing residents. Not for the first time, Mayor Yodanka Fandakova teamed up with Bulgarian National Television (BNT), in order to make it happen: A big party which deserves that word, and one which will make people feel good about welcoming 2018.

On New Year’s Eve, annoying discussions about refurbished boulevards, destroyed bike lanes or the air pollution will be taboos. That night is about raising the roof and about partying hard, which is something Bulgarians are good at. Just give them enormous loudspeakers and good drinks. They will make use of those.

But this is more than just Chalga torture. Sofia Municipality and BNT hired quite a few excellent artists. On top of that, they said they were going to make sure the sound will be good all over King Alexander I Square, which is where the big party will take place, right in the centre of Sofia. Just follow the noise and the people.

A year ago, Sofia had nice fireworks indeed. Photo by Imanuel Marcus.

Oh, we almost forgot: They ordered very impressive fireworks too. The invoice will be as high as those colourful flames in the sky.

The “Stage under the Stars” will be erected a day early. Let’s get to the big question right now: Who will be on it? The short answer: Everyone. Vladimir Penev, a popular actor, will be there, talking to the audience. Subtitles will not be provided.

But music does not need translation. The singer and percussionist Hilda Kazasyan will be performing, just like Jazz and Pop singer Vassil Petrov. The highlights also include the truly brilliant composer, arranger and pianist Angel Zaberski with his band, and the legendary Bulgarian Funk combo Akaga. Yes, there will be “turbo Folk” too, most likely.

Artists on stage warmed up the crowd, a year ago. Photo by Imanuel Marcus.

In the past years, some 20,000 people showed up for the party in the heart of Sofia. It will probably be similar this time around. According to BNT, 1 million Bulgarians are expected to watch the event live on television, which is good news for advertisers.

Security will be tight, like last year. Party people who want to be at the square on time are advised to come early. Glass bottles, large bags and weapons are not allowed on site.

New Year’s Eve 2017, King Alexander I Square, from December 31 at 10pm until January 1 at 1am.






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