Western Bulgaria: Residents find white and cold substance all over the place

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Inhabitants in parts of Western Bulgaria woke up on Sunday morning, rubbing their eyes in disbelief. A white and very cold substance covered roads, lawns, fields, roofs and vehicles. During the night, absolutely everything had turned white.

“I believe the aliens are here”, one resident of a village located close to the Serbian border said. “They are trying to annoy us with this white stuff.”

A middle-aged man in Sofia was very courageous: “I touched it. It is as cold as the ‘Martini on the Rocks’ I had last night.”

People affected also found out the substance fades away when sucked. “It’s almost like …. well like …. How in the hell am I supposed to know?”, a lady in the capital stated.

That weird substance comes in different shades of white.

A girl in Sofia, with tears in her eyes, said she had wanted to bring some of “that white thingy” to her granny in Stara Zagora. “But whenever I put that s**t in my travel bag, it disappears.”

Scientists from Sofia University are already on the case. They set up tents, generators and labs at Sofia’s ‘Eagle’s Bridge’, in order to establish the nature of the while substance. “We will find out what this stuff is. You better believe it.” Well, nobody did.

The authorities in Sofia asked residents to remain calm. “That is a whole lot better than panicking and screaming like hell”, a spokesman of Sofia Municipality said.

A lady who had just slipped and fallen on the pavement, while trying to control her energetic Rottweiler, was not too happy. When a reporter of The Sofia Globe wanted to help her get up, she said “Get your hands off me, you pervert!”.

In the meantime, police spread out everywhere. Their order was to “arrest that white substance. I don’t care how. Just do it. Go!”


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