Opinion: Trump’s Jerusalem decision applies necessary pressure

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The European Union, European governments and Western European media are outperforming each other with their foreseeable reactions. They say, Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which it is anyway, had receded a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians into the distance.

Bulgaria says the step “could negatively affect the efforts to re-launch the Middle East peace process”. The country is not alone with its stance.

According to the French President Emmanuel Macron, Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is “regrettable”. British Prime Minister Theresa May believes Trump’s step is “unhelpful in terms of prospects for peace in the region”.

Europe, Sofia, Paris and London are wrong. In fact, not recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital would have been a big mistake.

The loudest critic is Mahmoud Abbas. What a surprise. “These deplorable and unacceptable measures deliberately undermine all peace efforts,” he said.

What peace efforts, Abu Mazen? He, the rest of his leadership, his friends of Hamas and his helpers in the Arab world have brought this to themselves.

In the year 2000, East Jerusalem was offered to the Palestinian regime on a silver tray, at Camp David. What did Arafat say to that most far-reaching offer ever? “No.” What did the Palestinian leadership say to all other proposals? “No.”

The Palestinian leadership has done everything to make sure there is no peace:

> It rejected peace talks.

> It rejected a recognition of Israel.

> It partnered with Hamas and did nothing to end the terror organisation’s attacks on Israel.

> It supported, and still supports, suicide bombers and other terrorists who murdered Israelis, by paying their families and naming streets after them.

> It passes on all its hate to the children of Gaza, on Palestinian TV and in schools.

> It let Gaza become a hardly controllable terrorist haven, after Israel pulled out of there.

> It started an ongoing campaign to deligitimise Israel at UN organisations and elsewhere.

> It spreads lies, e.g. about Israel blocking Gaza, while countless trucks with nutrition and other goods enter the Gaza strip from Israel ever single day.

The sum of all statements and the action the Palestinian leadership is taking (and not taking), makes one thing obvious: Not only does it not want peace, but it wants Israel to be erased from the map.

Yes, Trump took the right decision. Putting Israel back into a diplomatic position of strength is the only way to apply pressure on the Palestinian leadership effectively. Decades of that Palestinian “no” to peace have produced this situation.

Does the Palestinian people deserve better? Yes. The Palestinians are the main victims of the approach its leaders have been taking for decades. They pay the price.

In case the “next intifada” breaks out, as many have warned, the Palestinian leadership will be solely responsible.

Jerusalem was the capital of Israel before Trump’s decision, it is today and it will be in future.

But it is not too late for peace, in case Abbas and his friends finally come to the conclusion that it is necessary. It is.

By Imanuel Marcus




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