Printed mishaps from Bulgaria and beyond

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Typos happen to all of us. When it comes to printed mishaps on signs or in restaurant menus, the authors might have gotten lost in translation. These are some of them, seen in Bulgaria and other countries. (Note: Foul language ahead.)

This is actually not a mishap.

An accurate description of their radio programme. Photo by Funny Chill.

We need our pipes fixed. Let’s call him.

Where will the conference take place?

Our favourite cookie brand. Photo by Simon T. Bramley.

This sign was made by a cunning linguist.

Breakfast will be launched in 10 seconds.

Sucses is most impordend think.

Master at work.

Stpo right now!

Nothing to wear? Get some of these.

Some orders are pretty hard to follow.

Creativity is important.

We knew. But it is good to have a confirmation.

Time to get the hell out of there.

Yes, two portions please.

A very kind offer, but I have an appointment with my shrink.

I’d rather have rice with veggies.

This restaurant in Sofia quickly changed its menu after this was shared some years ago.

Note: An earlier version of this collection was previously published on F&F, which is now part of The Sofia Globe.



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