Bulgaria: Authorities prepare for extreme weather on Friday

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Due to extreme weather conditions expected on Friday, the Bulgarian authorities have made preparations. On Thursday night, Interior Minister Valentin Radev stated, because of possible floods, crisis headquarters had been set up.

Chief Commissioner Nikolai Nikolov was quoted by Bulgarian National Television (BNT), saying the regional governors (in the areas affected by the extreme weather forecasts) had been asked to increase preparedness, due to expected dangers.

According to Nikolov, Bulgaria’s dams are maintained according to the guidelines. He said their free volume was sufficient. The authorities are in the process of setting up headquarters in several towns and cities, in order to be able to react to issues related to extreme weather.

Even the military is involved in the preparations. BNT reported, the Minister of Defense had ordered more than 90 mobile groups to be ready to react.

Dangerous weather warnings are in place in 19 out of 28 Bulgarian provinces.

In the following eight provinces, Code Orange dangerous weather warnings were given for Friday, due to extreme rainfall and a lot of snow at higher elevations: Blagoevgrad, Kardzhiali, Kyustendil, Pazardzhik, Pernik, Sofia City, Sofia Province and Smolyan.

In Kardzhiali, strong winds of up to 24 metres per second were forecast as well. The rain in the provinces mentioned above might exceed 60 litres per square metre.

In five Bulgarian provinces, Code Yellow alerts for strong rain are in place. Those are Lovech, Montana, Plovdiv, Vidion and Vratsa.

In Burgas, Dobrich, Haskovo, Sliven, Varna and Yambol, Code Yellow warnings are valid due to strong winds, again up to 24 metres per second.

Weather alerts point towards real dangers. Residents in the areas affected are asked to be very careful and to stay indoors whenever possible.




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