Sofia’s Mayor Fandukova: Construction of third metro line on track

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The construction of the third metro line in the Bulgarian capital Sofia is on track, in the truest sense of the word. Mayor Yordanka Fandukova inspected parts of the huge construction site on November 25 and announced that the 12-kilometre long project would be completed by the end of 2019, as planned.

Fandukova said that nearly half of all tasks belonging to the first stage of the construction work had been finished already. By now, 47 per cent of the first eight kilometres on the third metro line were done. The construction began only last year.

She said that the project was not entirely about a comfortable transportation, but also about the environment: “After building this section of the third subway line, we expect to lose 90 000 tons of harmful emissions.”

Yordanka Fandakova, inspecting the construction. Photo by BNT2.

The latter is important indeed, since the air in Sofia and other Bulgarian cities is toxic. The country has the largest number of deaths related to air pollution. Especially in winter, the situation is simply bad.

The third metro line will connect Vladimir Vazov Boulevard with Sofia’s city centre, the other two metro lines, and the quarter of Gorna Banya. The travel time from Gorna Banya to the centre of Sofia during rush hour will probably slashed in half, compared to going by bus, tram or car.

While buses and trams in Sofia are slowly being modernised, the metro is still the fastest, cleanest and most reliable means of transportation in Sofia. The problem is that it does not reach all quarters. Even once the third line is completed, there will be large gaps between the lines.

The construction site at Medizinska Akademia, last week. Foto by Imanuel Marcus.

At this stage, the construction is still leading to a chaos throughout the city. For example, the intersection of Pencho Slaveikov Boulevard and Praga Boulevard in Medizinska Akademia is even more congested than it was before that huge hole was dug, and traffic had to be routed around it.

In the meantime, the huge tunnel digging machine under the Bulgarian capital is being prepared for the next round. Metre by metre, it is eating itself through sand and mud. Bon appétit.

Photo at top of page by Imanuel Marcus.

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