Petition against anti-Israel activist Roger Waters partially successful in Germany

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Former Pink Floyd member Roger Waters is facing growing opposition against his concerts. In the United States, organisations tried to prevent the notorious anti-Israel activist, who is known for spreading propaganda against the Jewish state during his concerts, from performing in several cities. They could not stop him.

But in Germany,  one petition against Roger Waters was partially successful. The largest division of the state-owned ARD radio and TV network, WDR, headquartered in Cologne, stopped its sponsorship for a local Waters gig.

On November 25, WDR director Tom Buhrow reacted to a petition started by Malca Goldstein-Wolf, who had said she could not accept the fact that anti-Semitism would be presented by state-owned media.

“Does the WDR really want to support the new ‘Don’t buy from Jews’?” This is what the 48-year old asked Buhrow in an e-mail, as well as in her petition.

The answer she got surprised her. Buhro wrote, he knew that only an unambiguous step would satisfy her. The cooperation with Roger Waters for that concert was cancelled.

Roger Waters, who is 74 year old, has 66 gigs scheduled in 2018, all over Australia, New Zealand and Europe. On May 4 2018, a concert in the Bulgarian capital Sofia is planned.

NGOs, such as the Anti-Defamation League, call Waters’ outbursts on Israel anti-Semitic.

In 2011, Waters became the most prominent face of the BDS movement, which is trying to delegitimise Israel and to boycott the Jewish state. Also, he is known to exert strong pressure on fellow artists who intend to perform in Israel.





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