Minister of Tourism: EU Presidency is opportunity to promote Bulgaria as tourist destination

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Nikolina Angelkova, Bulgaria’s Minister of Tourism, is known to use all opportunities she finds, when it comes to promoting her country as a tourist destination. Now she publicly identified the obvious one, which is Bulgaria’s turn at the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The latter starts in 36 days from now.

“The Presidency of Bulgaria of the Council of the EU from the beginning of 2018 is extremely important for the promotion of our country”, Minister Angelkova said during a visit to Plovdiv. “Our country will have the opportunity to set the direction of the big European political arena and be at the center of the attention.”

The minister said, several key events were scheduled during the period of the presidency. Those included the following:

> A high-level meeting on tourism and economic growth

> A roundtable on digital transformation

> A meeting of the member states of the Organization for Black Sea Economic Cooperation

> a roundtable on cultural tourism in Veliko Tarnovo

Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova sees a big opportunity in the EU Presidency.

Nikolina Angelkova said, all of those events would be branded with the EU Presidency logo. Also Plovdiv, as European Capital of Culture 2019, will bring opportunities, according to Angelkova.

Bulgaria is trying to extend its series of records, regarding the number of foreign tourists who visit the country. Last year, the magic number of 8 million was exceeded. In 2017, Bulgaria is hoping for 9 million foreign tourists on its beaches, skiing slopes and mountains, as well as in its cities.

In her quest for promoting Bulgaria even more, Minister Angelkova is not only going the European way, but also the global one: “We have expanded the reach of events not only within the EU, but also with the World Tourism Organization, to show what we have as a tourist destination”, the minister said.

Plovdiv is in the focus, regarding cultural and historical destinations in the country. The city with its beautiful Old Town falls into the rubric “Bulgarian Architecture and Crafts”, the attractions of which serve as a magnet for tourists from Bulgaria and abroad.

“The Euro Presidency gives us the opportunity to initiate many discussions and debates for the benefit of the whole society”, Minister Angelkova concluded.

Photo at top of page by Imanuel Marcus. Photo of Minister Angelkova by Ministry of Tourism, Sofia.

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