Bulgaria: PM Borissov convenes emergency meeting after deadly road accidents

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Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boiko Borissov gathered ministers, agency officials and traffic police chiefs on Sunday evening, in order to develop steps designed to decrease the number of deadly accidents on the country’s roads.

The emergency meeting took place two days after a bus accident near the Bulgarian village of Mikre left nine people dead, and after there were more deadly accidents over the weekend. This year alone, 556 people have died in road accidents in Bulgaria.

Several measures are supposed to help bring down the number of accidents. In severe cases, the police will now take traffic law offenders to local police stations, in order to fine them. This measure will apply in severe cases only.

Also, all buses on Bulgarian roads will need to be equipped with video recorders and seat belts, no matter how old the vehicles are.

In addition, dangerous spots on Bulgaria’s roads will be identified and registered. This applies to the road from Sofia to Varna, in the vicinity of Mikre, as well as kilometre 66 on Maritza Motorway, where many accidents happen.

Late on Sunday night, Interior Minister Valentin Radev and the Interior Ministry’s Chief Secretary Mladen Marinov travelled to Mikre in order to inspect the road.

The new measures listed at the emergency meeting will come into force in 2018.

Photo source: Boiko Borissov’s Facebook page.

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