Northern Bulgaria: Bus accident leaves nine dead

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Nine people died in a  road accident near the village of Mikre, in northern Bulgaria, on the road which connects Sofia with Varna.

A bus was supposed to take a group of blind people back home to Pernik. They were returning from rehabilitation. On Friday at around 1pm, a head-on collision killed the bus driver and several passengers. Twenty people were injured.

The reason for the accident still has to be determined. The lorry driver reportedly said, the bus had suddenly appeared right in front of him, while a survivor among the bus passengers stated, since he was blind, he was not able to say what happened.

At first, the authorities had said six people had been killed. Later, the number of dead rose to nine.

While most of the injured were taken to a hospital in near-by Lovech, some were transported to Sofia in ambulances. They include a woman with brain trauma, whose life is in danger.

At the time of the accident, the road was wet, according to witnesses.

The mayor in the victim’s home town of Pernik has declared a day of mourning. All celebrations were cancelled.

Bulgaria has the highest road death rate in the European Union. During the first ten months of this year, 535 people were killed on the country’s roads.

Photo by Ministry of the Interior, Sofia. 



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