Bulgaria: Heavy Metal pioneers Iron Maiden to rock Plovdiv

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For the first time ever, Iron Maiden will hit a stage in Plovdiv, but this is not their first visit to Bulgaria. In 1995, 2007 and 2014, they rocked Sofia. Now their concert cycle in Bulgaria seems to be tighter.

Founded in 1975, Iron Maiden are known to have left a Godzilla-style footprint on the Heavy Metal scene of that decade. By developing and pursuing their own style persistently, the British band became legendary just years after its foundation. After the release of their 1980 debut album, Iron Maiden have been adored and worshipped in an unparalleled fashion.

In the 42 years since their first gig, they have sold 100 million albums. The latter is not a typo. In all those years, they have not only made their fans happy over and over again, but also filled their bank accounts a lot.

Iron Maiden today.

Some three years after their first success with their first recording in 1980, Iron Maiden’s breakthrough in the Heavy Metal world took place. During much of the 1990s, they had their crisis and even disbanded the band in 1998, but got back together in 1999.

The upcoming Bulgarian gig is being organised by Sofia Music Enterprises (SME), one of the oldest popular music promoters in Bulgaria. According to them, the concert will be part of the ‘Legacy Of The Beast World Tour’, which is inspired by a mobile game and a comic book Iron Maiden released.

Iron Maiden, back in the days.

Just like their huge fan base, Rod Smallwood, the band’s manager, can hardly wait for the tour to start. “As we say, we keep things alive, not just for the fans, but for the band as well,” he said.

“There will be many surprises. I do not want to give away everything right now, but we’re working on several different stage designs. We hope to give our fans, who will come to see this really special show, a fantastic experience.” They will for sure.

Iron Maiden’s ‘Legacy Of The Beast World Tour’ will start in Tallinn (Estonia) on May 26 2018 and consist of 34 gigs. But more might be added.

Fans who absolutely can’t wait that long, might want to listen to their new live album entitled ‘The Book of Souls: Live Chapter’, which will be released on November 17 2017.

Iron Maiden’s latest tour bus has wings.

On Sunday, July 22 2018 at 5pm, Iron Maiden will be in Plovdiv (Bulgaria), at the ‘Hills of Rock’ festival, which takes place at Plovdiv Rowing Canal. Tickets are on sale here.

What their transport is concerned, Iron Maiden don’t need to worry too much. Bruce Dickinson is not just their lead vocalist, but also a pilot. Last time around, they travelled on their own Boeing 747, which carried everyone and everything, including their crew, their gear, and of course the band.

(Photos: Iron Maiden, except the Boeing: Foto-dus/Wikipedia)





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