Christmas and New Year trips in Bulgaria: Many hotels already fully booked

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Christmas and New Year’s Eve are coming closer in big steps. Hotels in Bulgarian spa and ski resorts and at other lovely spots are feeling it already, since lots of reservations are coming in for the holiday season. In some resorts, getting a room without taking hostages is already a mission impossible. In others, things look a bit better.

In Velingrad, the Bulgarian capital of hot spring water spas, the most famous luxury hotel called ‘Grand Hotel Velingrad’ is already fully booked. The same applies to lots of other guest houses and hotels. Only the most expensive and the cheapest places seem to have rooms left, at this stage.

In Melnik, which is probably the most romantic spot in all of Bulgaria, things seem to look a little better, judging from a search on But Melnik does neither offer skiing, nor hot water spas. Nearby Sandanski does. Over here, the most famous accommodations, including all rooms at ‘Interhotel Sandanski’, the one with the big hot water pool, are fully booked at the end of December.

It doesn’t get any nicer than this: Velingrad. Photo by Andrey Andreev.

The situation is quite similar in Bansko. Out of 169 hotels and guesthouses, more than half are fully booked between Christmas a New Year, including the most important ones. In Borovets, another Bulgarian ski resort, 77 percent of all rooms are reserved.

Pretty much the same applies to Sapareva Banya, Dobrinishte and Banya, three spots which are usually being frequented a lot over the winter holidays. A spa holiday in Belchin? Forget it. No vacancies.

In other words: Whoever needs a nice holiday in any Bulgaria spa or ski resort just after Christmas should start booking rooms yesterday, because it might be too late already.

The two wonderful photos on this page show Velingrad. Both of them were shot by Andrey Andreev.


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