Tourism in Bulgaria: New numbers answer Sofia’s hopes

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The numbers are in. Yes, they are all the time. But the most recent bunch of numbers the Ministry of Tourism compiled are definitely positive. When it comes to tourism in Bulgaria, the sky still seems to be the limit, at least for now.

Reaching the magic number of 9 million foreign tourists this year is definitely a possibility. Last year, some 8 million foreign tourists invaded Bulgaria, more than the inhabitants the country has.

During the summer season, from June through September of 2017, a total of 5.3 million tourists came to Bulgaria, Bulgarian National Television reported. This is a 6 percent increase, compared to 2016. The number of guests who came to Bulgaria for business purposes may have decreased, but those who came in order to enjoy the sandy beaches and the salty Black Sea were far more.

The latest numbers also show that especially Germans, Romanians, the Greek, Russians and Poles love Bulgaria. These nations provided the biggest numbers. Surprisingly, the UK was not being mentioned here.

From June through September, 708,000 Germans came to Bulgaria, 533,000 Romanians and 520,000 tourists from another neighbouring country called Greece.

The revenue collected from all foreign tourists during those four months saw an 8 percent increase.

In Sofia, the Ministry of Tourism is working on curbing the grey economy in tourism. That is why it just started a public procurement procedure for a so-called ‘Unified Tourist Information System (ETIS)’.

Once the ministry gets offers, chooses the best system and makes it work, it will have less work counting the tourists, since their numbers will come in automatically. Bulgaria’s government believes that system will have a positive effect on the nation’s economy.

Photo: Kavarna beach, shot by Imanuel Marcus.

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