Bulgaria: After 17 ATM robberies, police step up hunt for culprits

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A group of gangsters in Bulgaria has robbed a total of 17 automatic teller machines since the beginning of 2017. Police are conducting a nationwide search and have asked the public for help.

Bulgarian television channels showed pictures of three men, who are the main suspects. They are 35 to 41 years old. The police only released their initials, while warning the public. The men were dangerous and most likely armed, it said in a statement. Anyone who knew about the whereabouts of the suspects was asked to call the police, using the phone number 112.

Bulgarian National Television (BNT) reported that two people had already been arrested, one of them in the town of Pernik. The two men detained are part of the gang, according to the police. But the search for the three suspects on the pictures released last night continues today.

As it turns out, the robbers used compressed air to burst an ATM in the village of Sapareva Banya during their latest heist on Wednesday night. The gang seems to be concentrating on teller machines located in Western Bulgaria.

This year, seventeen ATMs were robbed so far. Photo by Imanuel Marcus.

After that latest robbery, the three managed to sneak out of a forest close to the last crime scene, which was heavily guarded by police. But BNT reported, police investigators had found a jeep used by the gang, and the plunder from their last robbery.

The police are not ready to say the men sought are responsible for all ATM robberies, which have occurred this year. For the moment, that question remains open.

Bulgaria’s Interior Minister Valentin Radev said, his ministry had warned the banking sector about the danger of ATM robberies. “Relevant instructions for increasing the level of security” had been issued. Radev also predicted a positive outcome of the ongoing man hunt: “We will catch them.”


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