Bourgas on ‘Black Sea Day’: Small protest raises awareness of big problem

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A small group of people raised awareness for a big problem in the Bulgarian city of Bourgas today. They assembled at the Sea Garden, located a few metres from the the Black Sea beach, and held letters, which formed the words “Black Sea without plastic”, in Bulgarian. Also they used chalk to draw a big blue wave.

The protesters did not choose just any day, but International Black Sea Day, for their demonstration against a problem which weighs heavy on the Black Sea, in the truest sense of the word. According to Greenpeace Bulgaria, three tons of plastic end up in the Black Sea every single day.

Plastic in the sea is an issue which affects the oceans as well, and their inhabitants. A lot of microplastics get eaten by whales, fish and other sea animals, many of which perish as a result. Via the fish, microplastics also make their way into the food of humans.

Experts believe the global problem of microplastics is one of the biggest challenges the world is confronted with, along with the greenhouse effect. The protest at the Sea Garden in Bourgas was organised by Greenpeace Bulgaria, and supported by Bourgas Municipality.

The International Black Sea Day was introduced in 1996, after the six Black Sea countries Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and Turkey signed the so-called Strategic Recovery and Defense Action Plan with 59 measures designed to limit pollution. Since, the situation has not really improved.

Bulgaria is confronted with more than one huge environment issues. Apart from the grave state of the Black Sea, the air pollution in Sofia leads to more deaths than in any other EU country.

Photos by Martina Chachevka and Mahmoud Munem

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