More weather alerts in place: Stormy Sunday in Bulgaria

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Western and Northern Bulgaria are in for a stormy Sunday. Dangerous weather alerts are in place for a total of 19 Bulgarian provinces.

In the following fourteen provinces, Code Orange warnings apply: Dobrich, Gabrovo, Lovech, Montana, Pleven, Razgrad, Rousse, Shumen, Silistra, Targovishte, Varna, Veliko Tarnovo, Vidin and Vratsa.

Rather extreme winds with speeds of up to 30 metres per second were forecast in these provinces. This means, flying objects can lead to danger, roofing tiles and tree branches might fall to the ground.

A total of five provinces in Western Bulgaria also got forecasts for strong winds. In these cases, the wind speeds might reach 24 metres per second, which is still dangerous. Code Yellow weather alerts apply here. These are the provinces: Blagoevgrad, Kyustendil, Pernik, Sofia (province) and Sofia (city).

Inhabitants in all provinces affected are advised to exercise caution. Avoiding walks outside and staying indoors is advisable.

In the meantime, all 42 Romanian provinces are under dangerous weather alerts for strong winds as well. While the provinces along Romania’s eastern and southern borders got Code Yellow alerts, Code Orange warnings are valid the rest of the country, on Sunday.

Out of Serbia‘s eleven provinces, four northern ones got Code Orange, and the rest of the country Code Yellow. In this case as well, the alerts are about strong winds.

And, finally, in Macedonia, Code Yellow weather alerts are in place in four of the country’s six provinces. They are Ohrid-Prespa, Osogovo-Maleshevo, Pelagonia and Polog-Poreche.

Back in Bulgaria, especially night temperatures will slump in the coming days. In the western part of the country, 0 to -4 degrees Centigrade are forecast for Tuesday. This is the moment to install winter tyres.

Bulgaria: Winter tyres not compulsory, but recommended





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