Fog forces detour of Bulgaria Air flight from Sofia to Varna

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Passengers of Bulgaria Air’s flight number FB971 from Sofia to Varna needed a lot of patience today. Before 11am, thick fog along Bulgaria’s northern Black Sea coast, including at Varna Airport, would have made a landing too dangerous.

Bulgarian National Radio reports, the flight had circled over the Bulgarian town of Shumen for two hours, while waiting for the fog to clear. Flight tracker data show that flight FB971 was diverted to Burgas, at some point.

Once the Bulgaria Air pilots were given the green light, they flew their passengers from Burgas to Varna, where the Airbus A319 finally landed at 11:12am. The flight was 3 hours and 2 minutes late.

Shortly after, an Israir flight from Tel Aviv and a Wizz Air flight from Dortmund also landed at Varna Airport safely.

Flight diversions due to fog is a regular occurrence, especially in autumn. At times, flights bound for Sofia get diverted to Plovdiv or elsewhere, when the fog is too thick.

For the passengers on flight FB971, the only danger was that they were late for their second breakfast or business meeting.

Flights from Sofia to Varna usually take 55 minutes. In this case, it took 3 hours and 57 minutes.

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