Series of earthquakes rattles Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Two earthquakes shook parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina early this morning. The first tremor occurred at 12:45am local time and had a strength of 4.2 on the Richter Scale. The epicentre was located 67 kilometres west of Sarajevo.

Only 5 minutes later, another, stronger quake rattled the small country, at a strength of 4.7. In this case, the epicentre was only 2 kilometers away from the first one. Also, some aftershocks were reported.

Injuries or damage were not reported so far.

On the Internet, inhabitants commented on what they felt. On the website, a user said this: “Bed shook, heavier than having my 2 cats jump into bed. Also, it lasted longer than I expected.”

Other residents said, their desks had started shaking moderately. A man from Mostar complained, his windows and walls had moved.

The earthquakes took place just as Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boiko Borissov was on his way to Bosnia, for an official visit.



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