SeongJin Ahn: The Korean who walked from Bulgaria to Italy

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On June 22, 2017, an atypical tourist started walking. His starting point was Burgas, at Bulgaria’s Black sea coast. The idea was to walk all the way to Lisbon in Portugal.

SeongJin Ahn, a 25-year-old Korean, ran into some issues at the beginning of this big adventure. In Bulgarian villages, he was followed by barking dogs. Then, he suffered from blisters on his feet.

Michael Kidd, an expatriate in Bulgaria, helped SeongJin Ahn, by inviting him to stay at his place until he felt better. On July 23, a month after he started his endeavour, he reached Sofia.

After resting, he visited Korean friends in Macedonia by bus, but continued his walk from Sofia shortly after.

Many weeks later, he hit Dubrovnik, the most beautiful coastal town on the Balkans. There and along the long way, SeongJin Ahn made many friends and slept on just as many sofas.

SeongJin Ahn reached Italy a few days ago. Photo by SeongJin Ahn.

In the past days, his parents back in Korea tried to convince him to end his adventure, since the European winter is coming up and because their son was about to run out of money.

On Tuesday evening, SeongJin Ahn announced, he would end his long adventure in Florence and use his remaining funds for a flight ticket back to Seoul.

Even though SeongJin Ahn did not make it all the way to Lisbon, he covered a huge distance of more than 1,500 kilometres, because of the deviation he took in Croatia, in order to see Dubrovnik. His apology on social media, “for not fulfilling what I have promised”, was unnecessary. He walked a bigger distance than most Earthlings ever will.

The following video was made on July 23, 2017, when SeongJin Ahn arrived in Sofia and stayed with an editor of The Sofia Globe.



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