‘Omnipresent’: Bulgarian movie to have international premiere in Germany

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The Cottbus Film Festival in Germany traditionally concentrates on Eastern European motion pictures. Founded in 1991, just after Germany’s reunification, it became one of the most important festivals for films from neighbouring Poland, but also countries located further south, including Bulgaria.

At this year’s edition of the festival, a big international premiere is scheduled for November 11: The Bulgarian flick ‘Omnipresent’ by director Ilian Djevelekov, who also made the success film ‘Love.net’, will be introduced to the audience.

‘Omnipresent’ is the story about Emil, who manages an advertising agency and writes. His paraplegic father asks him to install a camera in his room, in order to find out, who steals from him all the time.

But Emil does not leave it at that. He starts installing tiny cameras absolutely everywhere, including in his wife’s office, in the bathroom of his father-in-law, as well as all over his own offices. Surveillance becomes Emil’s obsession.

The Bulgarian motion picture ‘Omnipresent’.

He uses the knowledge about the escapades of his family members and colleagues, about deception and betrayal, to his advantage. But ultimately, his actions lead to disaster.

In ‘Omnipresent’, director Ilian Djevelekov deals with relevant subjects, including total surveillance, the wide-spread addiction to information and the changes the so-called transparency of modern times applies to our social lives.

At the Cottbus Film Festival, interesting motion pictures from Bulgaria’s neighbouring countries will be shown as well.

The Romanian production ‘Breaking News’.

‘Breaking News’ is an interesting example. The Romanian film by director Iulia Rugină tells the story of Alex, a TV reporter, whose cameraman Andrei dies in an explosion. His encounter with Andrei’s teenage daughter changes his life.

‘Son of Sofia’ will be screened in Cottbus too. The Greek-Bulgarian-French co-production tells the tale of the boy Misha, whose family moves to Greece and who is forced to leave the security of his naïvety behind.

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