Two bird flu outbreaks registered in Bulgaria

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Two bird flu outbreaks have been reported in Bulgaria. The cases were registered in the village of Uzundjovo, in the southern part of Central Bulgaria, as well as in Stefanovo, a village located in the north-east, according to Bulgarian-language media.

The Municipal Epizootic Commissions in charge convened immediate meetings, during which experts decided to implement restrictive measures designed to prevent a spread of the disease.

In the affected district of Haskovo, birds may not be sold on markets or at exhibitions anymore. Regular clinical examinations of samples of both domestic and wild birds are scheduled. Farmers are not allowed to take any birds away from their farms.

Scientists established that the bird flu cases found are from the strain H-5/N-8. The World Organisation for Animal Health in Paris was notified by the Bulgarian authorities.

In Stefanovo, the bird flu killed hundreds of birds. Thousands were slaughtered after the nature of the virus was established. In Uzundjovo, about half of the 150 birds on site were killed by the virus, while the other half was slaughtered.

Three years ago, a new bird flu strain had been discovered. Shortly afterwards, the Bulgarian authorities had implemented measures to contain an outbreak in the Bourgas province.




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