Yasmin Levy delivers impressive concert in Sofia

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An audience of some 700 people filled Sofia Live Club on Saturday night, and witnessed an impressive performance by the Spanish-Israeli vocalist Yasmin Levy. She sang songs, some of them well known in the Spanish speaking world, in Spanish, Hebrew and Ladino, a minority language also known as Judaeo-Spanish.

There were special aspects about this concert, including the fact that some Sephardic Jews in Bulgaria still speak Ladino, the language of their ancestors. And they know some of the songs Yasmin Levy sang. The singer was very excited about this fact. This was her first gig in Bulgaria.

Apart from delivering a wonderful gig with her stunning voice, Levy also demonstrated humour, by joking about the sadness of those Spanish and Ladino love songs she sang: “There is sadness in this show. And more sadness, plus some melancholy. And I’m so happy.”

During the gig, there was a moment, which was both sad and nice: Yasmin Levy’s father, Yitzhak Isaac Levy, who was a cantor at synagogues, died when she was still a baby. He was the leading researcher of Ladino music in the world, and even published a Ladino language magazine. Using a recording of his voice, his daughter, Yasmin Levy, sang a duet with him.

Just like a famous American Soul and Jazz singer, the late Natalie Cole, who in 1992 recorded ‘Unforgettable’ in a duet with her father Nat King Cole, Yasmin Levy found a technical way to do that duet with her father. That performance was just as unforgettable.

Levy brought genius musicians with her. The guitarist, who played Flamenco and all other genres in such a precise way, could have given a full length solo concert himself. While he is Israeli, his fellow band member, who played a Middle Eastern flute, is from Iran. That is a statement in itself.

Her husband Ishay Amir, who is also her percussionist, band leader and tour manager, did a great job too, just like their pianist.

The audience was international. Representatives of a million embassies were present, including the American and the Brazilian ones, and of course the two embassies which supported Yasmin Levy’s concert. They are the Spanish and the Israeli ones. The Israeli Ambassador to Bulgaria herself, Irit Lillian, was in the audience. So were her US colleague Eric Rubin and Bulgaria’s Vice President Iliyana Yotova.

Yasmin Levy made her audience cheer and sing, with a wide range of tunes, including ‘La nave del olvido’, which was also sung by Julio Iglesias, and songs full of desire and sadness, such as ‘Una noche más’.

Adiós y shalom, Yasmin Levy. ¡Buen viaje! Y gracias por este concierto grandioso.




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