Bulgaria: ‘European’ snowploughs are waiting for the first snowflake

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In Bulgaria, a total of 3,000 snowploughs are standing by. At a moment’s notice, they will get moving and remove or salt any snowflake they find. At this stage, with temperatures of up to 27 degrees Centigrade, those snowploughs are not too busy.

According to the contracts signed with companies responsible for removing snow and ice from Bulgaria’s roads, they have a certain time frame to do so. Depending on the pace of any snowfall detected and the time of the day, they have to clean major roads within 2 to 8 hours.

In Sofia, snowploughing will now be a very European activity. Eleven years after Bulgaria joined the European Union, hundreds of snowploughs in the capital will not just carry Bulgarian flags, but also European ones. Since Bulgaria will take over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union on January 1, 2018, Europe has become even more important.

Sofia’s Mayor Yordanka Fandakova obviously liked the ‘European’ snowploughs.

Because snowploughs are big and strong machines, they might be seen as a symbol. The snow and ice are the problems and divisions in Europe and Bulgaria, while the snowploughs are the EU and the governments, who get rid of all issues. What should be happening in reality, or in a perfect world, will at least happen on snowy streets.

In recent winters, during the past years and decades, there have been complaints about uncleaned streets quite a lot. This time around, Sofia Municipality wants to get it right. That is why Mayor Yordanka Fadakova checked out the snowploughs herself, including those European flags attached to them.

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Sofia has allocated 20 million Leva (10.2 million Euro) to snow ploughing this season. Mayor Fandakova said, in case the snow ploughing companies did not do their job, they would not be paid. Also, penalties would be imposed on them, e.g. if they did not clean certain areas by 7:30 am.

But for now, the drivers of those European snowploughs will be bored, since not a single snowflake is in sight. Not one. 🙁

Photos by Sofia Municipality



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