US Ambassador Rubin in Burgas: “Proud to stand arm-in-arm with Bulgaria”

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The Ambassor of the United States of America to the Republic of Bulgaria, Eric Rubin, visited Burgas Free University today. In front of students and professors, he held a speech about the ties between the U.S. and Bulgaria, as well as democracy and freedom.

Rubin remembered his first visit to Bulgaria, 25 years ago. He said he was optimistic about Bulgaria’s future. “I first came here in 1992, a time that your professors and parents will remember as being full of hope and promise for a young, democratic Bulgaria”, the ambassador stated. “There are reasons to be optimistic in Bulgaria today.  Those reasons are all around us, in the inspiring people who make Bulgaria great.”

Despite being a newer institution, Burgas Free University had established itself as one of Bulgaria’s best, Rubin indicated. It had cooperation agreements with universities around the world, including America’s University of Tennessee, Eastern Michigan University, the University of San Antonio in Texas, and Georgetown University in Washington D.C.. “These types of partnerships yield positive results for our countries, as students and faculty from both the U.S. and Bulgaria learn from each other and cooperate in solving some of our societies’ toughest problems”, Ambassador Rubin said. “They also create lasting bonds between our countries that only grow stronger over time.”

Rubin also stressed values like tolerance, freedom, and rule of law. “We are proud today to stand arm-in-arm with Bulgaria, our close ally and partner for so many years. We are proud of the progress that Bulgaria has made in areas like human rights, democratic development and economic progress. And, with Bulgaria’s European Council Presidency next year, we admire your commitment to a peaceful, prosperous E.U., a Europe whole, free, and at peace.”

Burgas Free Universities was one of the first non-state institutions of its kind in Bulgaria. It was established in 1991 and has some 7,500 students.



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