New German Ambassador to Bulgaria meets organisation of Bulgarian Jews

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The new Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Republic of Bulgaria, Herbert Salber, met the leadership of the Bulgarian Jewish organisation Shalom, at its headquarters in Sofia on October 19.

Salber, who just took over his post in September, was told about the history of Bulgaria’s Jewry, as well as their organisation, by Shalom’s President Dr. Alexander Oscar and other representatives.

During the meeting, a lot of common ground was found. The German Ambassador said that chancellor Angela Merkel was a persistent supporter of Israel and the Jewish people. She was known to use strong words, while underlining her position. Salber said, as the representative of Germany in Bulgaria, but also personally, he shared this conviction.

The photo above shows, from left to right, Nikolay Galabov (head of the Negev Association for Friends of Israel in Bulgaria), Herbert Salber (German Ambassador to Bulgaria), Dr. Alexander Oscar (President of Shalom), Julia Dandolova (Chief Executive of Shalom), Krasimira Goteva (Shalom Stara Zagora), Svetlozar Kalev (Shalom Plovdiv), Yossif Melamed (Secretary General of Shalom), Tsvetina Kaneva (Shalom, Head of Office) and Mira Krispin (Shalom Sofia). Photo by Imanuel Marcus.

The rise of the far-right party “AfD” in Germany and its presence in the Bundestag was discussed briefly. Ambassador Salber said, he hoped this was not a lasting issue, but one which would be resolved in the years to come.

Also, Salber said his embassy would seek a dialogue with Bulgaria’s new coordinator for the fight against anti-Semitism, Georg Georgiev. And he indicated that he wanted to support Shalom’s campaign to finally end the Lukov March in Sofia, an annual event organised and attended by Nazis from Bulgaria and other European countries.

Shalom is the main organisation for the Jews of Bulgaria, which runs many projects, including charity programmes for both Jews and non-Jews in need. Especially in the past year and a half, Shalom has also become an audible voice for tolerance and against anti-Semitism in Bulgaria.

Photo at top of page: Ambassador Herbert Salber and Shalom’s President Alexander Oscar.



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