‘Serious incident’: Bulgarian Airbus A320 loses one engine in flight

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The Bulgarian Aircraft Accident Investigation Unit (AAIU) is investigating an incident, which took place on October 9 2017, in midair. A Bulgarian-owned Airbus A320 lost one of its two engines in flight.

During a so-called ferry flight, the aircraft, which belongs to Bulgarian Air Charter, was flown from Bratislava to its home airport in Sofia. Ferry flights do not carry passengers. The Airbus had probably been in maintenance at Bratislava Airport.

The Aviation Herald reports, the pilots had received an error message once they had reached their cruising altitude. According to the publication, the message read “ENG2 FUEL FLOW LOW”. This kind of message likely points towards an issue with a kerosine pump.

By switching the engine to idle, the pilots reacted immediately. They also descended to 25 000 feet, which is the usual procedure when a twin-engine jet loses one of its engines.

The pilots decided to continue to Sofia anyway, while the fact that no passengers were aboard the A320 may have been one of the reasons for that decision. Before they touched down on Sofia Airport’s runway, another so-called ECAM message appeared, saying “ENG2 FADEC ALTERNATOR”. At this stage, engine no. 2 was shut down completely.

FADEC stands for a ‘full authority digital engine control’ and is related to parts which control all aspects of an aircraft’s engine performance.

In spite of the fact that the aircraft landed safely, the AAIU sees a ‘serious incident’ which they are investigating now.

An Airbus pilot told The Sofia Globe that the question whether the pilots and the airline had known about the engine issue in advance, was an interesting one. Other than that, a twin-engine jet was able to fly with one engine only. He said that the only issue was that, in cases of this kind, there was no redundancy left.





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