Metro construction in Sofia: Extension of third line planned

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Sofia is planning an extension of a Metro line which is still being constructed. According to Stoyan Bratoev, the Bulgarian capital’s Chief Engineer, a new stretch with a total length of 7 kilometres is in its planning stage.

The construction schedule available so far shows the third line of Sofia’s Metro system, which is being built right now. It will be connecting the city center with the Gorna Banya and Ovcha Kupel quarters. The first train on that line is expected to transport passengers at some point in 2019.

At “Theatre Sofia”, located at the intersection of Boulevards Madrid, Yanko Sakazov and Evlogi i Hristo Georgiev, the first Metro station is being built as we speak. At the Sofia University station, line number three will connect to line number one.

The next stops will be located at Boulevard Patriarch Evtimi, at the intersection of Boulevards Praga and Pencho Slavejkov, at Boulvard Bulgaria and at Krasno Selo, before it reaches Gorna Banya and Ovcha Kupel.

The construction site for the “Theatre Sofia” Metro station. Photo by Imanuel Marcus.

Now the city is hoping for more funding from the European Union’s Operational Program “Transport”. The idea was to extend the third line to Sofia’s Slatina and Geo Milev quarters, Bratoev told Bulgarian-language media. If the E.U. makes those funds available, the construction of the extension might start in about four years from now, in 2021.

There is more: For a while now, the option of extending the first Metro line from the Business Park to Ikea and Sofia Ring Mall has been discussed. But according to Chief Engineer Bratoev’s statements, “there is a project, but nothing more.” So far, the owners of the Ikea branch in Sofia and that mall next door have not committed to the idea financially. They would have to, in order to make this work.

In addition, there might be a new Metro station between two existing ones, on the second line. American investors intend to build a huge residential complex in the area between Obelya and Slivnitsa, and they want a Metro station on those premises. A Darik News report says, the price of 24 million Leva (12.3 million Euro) will be split between the investors and Sofia Municipality.

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