Petya Stoyanova: Sofia Airport’s five millionth passenger

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Petya Stoyanova suddenly became a star when she landed in Sofia on a Bulgaria Air flight from Varna on Tuesday. By the time she stepped off the plane and stood on the tarmac, she was greeted like a queen. At that moment, the five millionth passenger of Sofia Airport had a face and a name.

Folk music and dancers waited for her. So did Sofia Airport EAD’s Board of Directors. Petya Stoyanova got a flower basket and a voucher worth 150 Euro. She can use that amount at any of the expensive shops at Sofia Airport.

Bulgaria Air’s Executive Director Hristo Todorov was on site as well. He gave Petya Stoyanova a Gold Membership card for the airline’s Fly More programme, which brings about several advantages for her, as long as she flies the Bulgarian flagship carrier.

The five millionth passenger came in on this aircraft.

That way, Bulgaria Air polished its image a little, after recent issues with delays, as well as a scandal around the company’s unwillingness to pay compensations to passengers.

The lucky five millionth passenger said, on board the plane they had been told there would be a special event. “Then they announced my name. I was very surprised”, Petya Stoyanova stated.

From Sofia, she continued on to Barcelona, where she will celebrate her birthday tomorrow. It is unclear whether she had to pay any luggage fee for her new flower basket.

Recently, Sofia Airport celebrated its 80th anniversary.

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