Sofia Airport: Emergency landing due to ill flight captain

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A Boeing 737 owned by Thomson Airways made an emergency landing at Sofia Airport on Sunday, after one of the pilots flying the aircraft fell ill, the Aviation Herald reported.

The plane with the registration G-TAWC was en route from Newcastle (U.K.) to Larnaca (Cyprus) and 110 nautical miles northwest of Sofia when the co-pilot initiated the diversion.

According to passengers on Thomson’s flight number BY-1714, the pilot appeared to have collapsed in the cockpit. After the emergency landing in Sofia, he was brought to a hospital in an ambulance.

The Sun quoted a passenger saying the incident had been terrifying: “I glimpsed inside the cockpit door. There was coffee all over the floor and it looked like the guy had collapsed. He was lying prostrate on the floor. It’s not what you want to see happening at the front of the plane.”

After waiting for three hours, the passengers were driven to a Sofia hotel. Their flight to Cyprus finally continued on Monday.

“We can confirm that as a result of one of our pilots feeling unwell, the decision was taken to divert the Newcastle to Larnaca flight”, Thomson Airways said, according to the Daily Mail. “A priority landing was requested at Sofia, Bulgaria, which was the closest airport and the pilot was taken to a nearby hospital to be assessed.”

It is unclear whether the pilot is better by now.



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