Anthrax alarm in the Bulgarian village of Trapishte

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In the Bulgarian village of Trapishte, authorities are starting to vaccinate animals at a local farm, after an Anthrax outbreak was detected. So far, seven sheep died of the infection.

The owner of those animals was infected with Anthrax as well. He was treated at the Razgrad Hospital and is a lot better, according to Bulgarian language media reports.

Bulgaria’s public health authorities now intend to have a total of 1,700 animals vaccinated. They include 1,200 sheep, 400 cows as well as 20 horses and donkeys.

Trapishte is located in North-Western Bulgaria, between Razgrad and Targovishte.

A physician working on the Anthrax case, Dr. Arif Attivov, told Bulgarian National Television (BNT), it would take three to four days to vaccinate the animals. He stated, some inhabitants in the area were panicking, which was not necessary, since in this case humans could only be infected when they come in contact with the blood of infected animals. According to the doctor, the authorities have spread instructions, in the area affected.

Movement to and from the farm, on which the Anthrax outbreak took place, is now prohibited. So is the slaughter of animals. These measures will remain in place, until the 14-day immunisation period is over.

Apart from the ongoing vaccinations, the premises of the farm, its buildings and all equipment is being disinfected. The last Anthrax outbreak in that area took place some 50 years ago, in communist Bulgaria.

A bacterium called Bacillus Anthracis causes Anthrax. Infections of humans can occur through the skin, by inhalation and injection, or intestinal. Anthrax can be fatal.





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