Daniel Sloss: English Stand-up comedian to hit Sofia stage

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If there is anything some English-speaking expats in Bulgaria might have missed, it is a comedy club, one which features stand-up comedy in English. Sofia now offers one of those, called The Comedy Club Sofia. It will soon present a star comedian by the name of Daniel Sloss.

Sloss is Scottish and he might have been the youngest stand-up comedian to ever stand on stage, when he was a teenager. It has not been that long since he got out of that phase, since he is only 27 today. The only problem with his age is the fact that his older colleagues “usually brag about having sex with a women half their age”. Well, Sloss will have to wait for at least 13 years, until he would be able to achieve that kind of thing.

So far, Sloss has not only appeared on comedy club stages, but also on television screens on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Originally, he wanted to study history at the University of Dundee, but then decided to take a year off, in order to try comedy. That is exactly what he got stuck with.

‘Teenage Kicks’ was the title of his first full-length comedy programme, the second one, ‘My Generation’, sold out completely. The rest is history.

Now Daniel Sloss is about to embark on a tour through all of Europe. From Prague, Vienna, Bratislava and Belgrade, he will continue on to Ljubljana, Zagreb and the Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca, before arriving in Sofia. After his Bulgarian performance, the young comedy master will continue touring all over the place.

In his programms, Daniel Sloss gives his audiences countless laughs. Whether he talks about difficulties penguins, parents and doctors experience, or his own issues with snakes coming at him, “or anything penis-shaped”, he rules the venue.

Daniel Sloss, stand-up comedy, at The Comedy Club Sofia, on Monday, October 23rd, 2017, at 7:00 pm (time not confirmed yet).






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