Bulgaria: Gangsters steal yet another teller machine

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Gangsters have stolen an automated teller machine (ATM) in the South-Western Bulgarian town of Dupnitsa on Saturday. The ATM was located in a large supermarket. According to the local police, the perpetrators first broke the entry doors and then removed the entire ATM from its base, by pulling it out with a vehicle.

The crime was committed close to the train station in Dupnitsa. Police started investigating the robbery immediately. So far, there have not been any arrests.

Stealing teller machines is a form of robbery which seems to be fashionable among gangsters in Bulgaria. Earlier this year, two more ATMs were ripped out and stolen in the small town of Boboshevo, located between Pupnitsa and Blagoevgrad, as well as in Katuntsi, close to the Greek border.

The perpetrators of the latest ATM robbery might be responsible for those crimes too. Last year, teller machines were stolen at two more locations in Western Bulgaria.

In Germany, where stealing and blowing up automated teller machines is a “popular sport” within among organised crime groups, cash boxes inside ATMs often contain colour bombs, which explode when a lot of vibration is detected. That way, the robbers end up with red Euro bills they can not use anywhere.

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