Jürgen Roth dies

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In 2010, a German journalist and author by the name of Jürgen Roth was supposed to stand trial in Bulgaria. But he refused: “You can be absolutely sure that I will not show up.” The reason: Bulgaria did not guarantee his safety, and he had every reason to fear for his life, since he had tangled with organised crime in the country.

The charge against him was slander. Former Bulgaria’s former Interior Minister Roumen Petkov had sued him. That is because he was mentioned in Roth’s book “The New Demons”. Roth accused Petkov of being a criminal, who was involved in smuggling drugs across borders. The court later acquitted him.

Roth was a rather well known publicist, who lived through a controversy in Germany as well, after he published a book in which he described mafia structures, allegedly involving politicians, lawyers and police officers, in the German province of Saxony.

Jürgen Roth (1945 – 2017)

During his career, Jürgen Roth wrote and published a total of forty books about poverty, corruption, as well as other problems he encountered in several countries. He also produced countless TV documentaries.

Lately, Roth had been experiencing some health issues. Ten days ago, on September 19, 2017, he posted on Facebook for the last time: “At the hospital again. Damn.” Today he died, at age 72.

Roth’s colleagues, followers and friends are mourning and saying goodbye to a friend, and to “a courageous, honest publicist and journalist”, who had worked “for a better, more transparent world”.




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