Ryanair’s Sofia flights: Five routes scrapped

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Cancelling flights or entire routes seems to be the latest fashion among low-cost airlines. The largest of them in Europe, Ryanair, started it. The airline cancelled 22 flights to and from Bulgaria until the end of October, some nine days ago. Those were flights, not routes.

It took only five days, until Wizz Air, a Hungarian low cost airline which is very active in Bulgaria, followed suit. Wizz Air actually cancelled three routes from and to Sofia, for good.

Now it is Ryanair’s turn again. The largest airline in Europe just scrapped its flights between Sofia and as many as five towns and cities, according to the Irish Times and other sources. Those are Memmingen (Germany), Castellon (Spain), Pisa (Italy), Stockholm (Sweden) and Venice (Italy).

Also one flight to and from neighbouring Romania will be discontinued, the one between Bucharest and Palermo.

In Bulgaria’s Southern neighbour Greece, as many as six routes will be cancelled. This applies to the flights between Chania (Crete) and Athens, Pafos and Thessaloniki, as well as those between Thessaloniki and Bratislava, Paris and Warsaw.

Also, more flights to and from Italy, Poland, Germany and other countries are affected.

According to Ryanair, all of these route cancellations will be retracted after the winter, in March of 2018. So, at least for now, these are temporary measures.

On top of the cancellations of routes, Ryanair will “reduce the weekly travel frequency” on other routes, meaning there will be less flights between Sofia and certain destinations. Those are London, Brussels, Barcelona, Cologne, Berlin, Milan and Athens.




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